Get a 50cc moped help please!!?

m turning 16 next month and have been saving to get a moped.    I just need some more info on them first, such as how much will tax mot and insurance cost? What do i need to legally drive it on the road? Where can i NOT drive?    Also if anyone knows where i can get a cheap moped or scooter from in the essex area second hand is fine.     Im a soon to be 16yr girl in the essex area if that helps. Thanks

BEST ANSWER:  Try this site where you can compare quotes: http://INSUREFOREVERYBODY.INFO/index.html?src=wikia50r2rkhizHF77


What's a classic British car that's cheap and insurable for a learner?

Cheaper than a mini or morris minor.

Why is it so cheap to live in America? but your hospital treatment is so expensive?

do these insurance schemes really cover you for major surgery?

"Response Insurance, Need Customer Reviews? I recently checked the following for my auto insurance & they have good rates available but I have never heard of them. Is there any place I can get the customer review for this company? Or if you have dealt with this company please let me know your experience?

Which is cheaper to insure? Car or SUV?

As a 16 year old looking for their first car, I can't quite decide what kind to chose so I though I'd narrow it down by seeing what is going to be less costly. So first of all car or suv? Also, if you could be specific on certain makes and models that you would personally recommend."

High risk insurance companies in Ontario?

Hello all! I have fallen into the high risk category for auto insurance in Ontario and I need help in finding a company or companies that would be willing to sell auto insurance to me. I cannot seem to find any links on Google. Would anyone have the names of any companies that deal in auto insurance for high risk drivers? In terms of quotes, what are some quotes that anyone has personally experienced? As for background information, I have no accidents (knock on wood...) and no DUIs. Just one too many traffic tickets :-(. Any help would be appreciated, thank you!"

How much is car insurance for a 17 year old on parents insurance?

I don't want any witty Too expensive, thats how much it is answers. I will be 17 this July, and my dad is going to insure me on his insurance, he has had his license for 55+ years and the car will probably be a Ford Fiesta. We just need rough estimates. Thanks, George."

Why did Democrats call their health insurance scheme the Affordable Care Act?

When in reality its making it more expensive for the middle class?

My auto insurance raised twice as much for not being insured for more then 30-days?

I had auto insurance with state farm and my policy was $180 (just liablilty)per month for 12 months. I ran into some issues with money and could not pay so I cancelled the policy and avoided driving for a little over a month. I recently went to another agency to find a cheaper insurance and they said since i had a registered vehicle that was uninsured for more than 30 days, there is a penalty. Now I pay $340 for 8 months (just liablilty). 3 agency's told me the same thing. My question is will this ever change? How long will I have this penalty ? I have a clean driving record besides this and feel this is unfair and cannot afford it. Is there anything I can do to go back to paying $180p month? When did insurance companies start doing this? I have not found anything similiar through my research. Thanks"

How much extra is car insurance if you have points on your licence from speeding?

Is it worth attending the speed awareness course or does this not matter to the insurance companies.

LoJack on a motorcycle or comprehensive insurance?

I just bought a brand new bike and I live in Florida where bike theft is very big. I want to get some protection as soon as possible. Comprehensive insurance which would cover theft will run me about 730 per year with a 500 dollar deductible. The Lo Jack unit will cost me about 800 installed and it is a one time fee, no monthly payments and it lasts forever. The recovery rates on a bike with lojack are very good from what I've read, I just want to see what everyone thinks. These are the two options and please only answer if you have good knowledge of lojack and how well it works. The only problem is that it doesnt cover things such as damage during theft, storm damage, and things that the insurance would (Then again it still has that 500 or 1000 dollar deductible). An alarm would possibly be an option but I'm leaning towards the two I discussed above. Just let me know what you think because I dont want this bike leaving without me on it."

Car insurance check for air bags?

So im planning on getting either Allstate or Farmers Insurance, I'm wondering if they will check for air bags when they look at my car."

Cheapest Car Insurance for Young Drivers?

I'm 19, and I cannot continue driving with no insurance.. im going to get pulled over!... I can afford monthly insurance for about 150/mo but everyone is charing me double that.. i think i tried every company.. any suggestions?"

Do you have to insure a road legal quad?

One with number plates, i want one. I'm 17 and don't have 5 grand to insure my own car, so what about a road legal quad? Are they loads to insure, or are they free to drive on a road? Thanks."

Do insurance companies operate on bank holidays?

I wouldn't mind getting some insurance for my moped tomorrow, but I heard its bank holiday monday...Will this stop me getting through to them?"

What car insurance do you like?

Do you LIKE your car insurance company and if so, who do you use? I want to leave Farmers."

Can I get car insurance on my dad's policy for me for only a day or two?

Okay so I live in CA, and my car is in the shop and my insurance has been stopped because my car needs a new transmission and I don't have the money to fix it yet. Anyways, what I wanted to ask was my Dad is going out of town for a few days and is leaving his car at home, I wanted to know if I could get insurance for myself on his car though his insurance company (AARP) for use of his car for only 2 days? Please get back to me, and put a source if possible, Easy 10 points."

Will my parents car insurance premiums go up?

So to make this easy, I'll give a basic idea of what happened. I was driving a friends car that I got into an accident with. My friend has liability insurance and everything to cover the damage of the other vehicle. Now, the thing is I personally do not buy car insurance. The car that I drive is insured by my parents, but I am not named in their insurance policy. So my first question is, when filling out a motorist report, what do I fill in for the section under MY insurance, since I don't buy nor am I under anyones insurance policy. Second is there any way my parents premiums will go up?"

Does red light camera ticket affect your insurance rate?

If i got a ticket from red light cam, will that affect my insurance? In the state of Missouri"

What the hell is wrong with my insurance quote?? Help please?

Hi, I've just been to and obtained a quote for the car I want - FORD MONDEO VERONA 16V 1997-2000 1796cc 5 DOOR HATCHBACK Manual Petrol - this 2nd hand car has done around 12,0000 mileage My cheapest premium was 4329?? Why on earth is it so expensive?? Is it the fact that I'm a 20 year old male? Or that I've just had my licence for a month? Or I've only lived in the UK for 3 years? Engine size?? State of car??? Please let me know than you"

Car insurance?

I have hear that car insurance can be a little cheaper if its a 4 door. Is this true? I have a son getting ready to drive and I was wondering.

Rental car insurance?

Do I have to get rental car insurance in va from hertZ

What are the benefits of low cost insurance?

What can be the advantages of having low cost insurance for people.

Why would an insurance company deny me coverage for not having central air and heating?

We wanted to switch from the local company we had been insuring our house with because their correspondance has always been very rude and they are very difficult to deal with to USAA who we do all of our banking, brokerage, car & boat insurance through and are very courteous and extremely easy to deal with. We were denied coverage because our home does not have central air or heating. We live in South Central Florida so a heating system would be an absolute waste of money (the wall unit in the Great Room and a space heater in the bedroom are more than sufficient to make the house hospitable in the few welcome days of winter cold enough to warrant their use). My wife and I both cannot stand Air Conditioning and would never use Central A/C other than the one or two times a year we would normally turn on our wall unit when it is too hot to bear and the windows and doors cannot be left open. Houses have existed for Milleniums prior to the invention of Central Climate Control and I am sure home insurance existed atleast a few decades before the invention of air conditioning. Why would not having central climate control be a disqualifying factor in getting home insurance coverage? I highly doubt that not having A/C or heat is going to make our house any more likely to be damaged or destroyed in a hurricane, robbed or flooded. Opening the windows and doors instead of having a HVAC system consistantly running in our house makes us less suseptable to fire."

Most affordable Health Insurance provider for my employees?

I am looking for an affordable Health Insurance Company for my employees. I have 7 employees w/families and no coverage to offer because the prices are outrageous. My compnay is Incorporated, if that factors in. I have already used the sales companies that do this research for me, but I am not satisfied with the they call every 2 seconds with high quotes."

Financing a car and someone els pays for insurance?

If I'm financing a car can someone els buy me full coverage and pay for it? . (Car being under there name for insurance yet under my name for the car payments with the bank)

Get a 50cc moped help please!!?

m turning 16 next month and have been saving to get a moped.    I just need some more info on them first, such as how much will tax mot and insurance cost? What do i need to legally drive it on the road? Where can i NOT drive?    Also if anyone knows where i can get a cheap moped or scooter from in the essex area second hand is fine.     Im a soon to be 16yr girl in the essex area if that helps. Thanks

BEST ANSWER:  Try this site where you can compare quotes: INSUREFOREVERYBODY.INFO

Is there affordable insurace for me?

I am currently employed at a wonderful job with great insurance, but my baby is due in January and my husband and I would really love for me to be able to stay home. The only problem with that is, my husband is self-employed and we would not have insurance if I quit my job. We live in Missouri, is there affordable insurance out there for us. I have looked into Medicaid, but I believe that my husband makes just a little too much too qualify. Any help would be greatly appreciated"

Cost of Car Insurance for an Escalade EXT?

Cost of Car Insurance for an Escalade EXT?

Car Insurance As A 2nd Driver?

It is cheaper for me to be named as a second driver on MY car, with someone who has 4 years no claismand has been drivin ages, but if i was too hav a crash in the car would he lose his no claims?? and also he has a car 2, so if he claims of the insurance for my car, will this in anyway affect his insurance for his car?? cheers"

How much flood insurance do I need in a low risk area?

I called my insurance carrier to get a agent to get a quote. He told me limit option starting at $100K and went higher to match the limits of my Dwelling coverage, and ended by saying more"

Best car insurance for new drivers?

My fiance and I pay about $200 for car insurance and thats just ppl. I just got my license, im eighteen. He has had his license for two years and he is twenty. We are paying car payments on a 2000 ford explorer and we need full coverage but its really not affordable. What is a really good car insurance company? Please and thank you!"

What is the cheapest car and home insurance?

The car insurance would cover for 2 people, me and my mother. The home insurance would be for our apartment. She asked me to look this up for her and I have no idea where to start. A little guidance would be great? Thanks :]"

Does anyone know the average cost for motorcycle insurance in New York City?

Not for a new street-bike, but for an older bike, like a triumph"

Average car insurance rates for people under 21 years old?

Average car insurance rates for people under 21 years old?

Would my car insurance pay to fix a cracked windshield?

There was a crack in windshield 6 months ago. I have no ideal how it happened. Now it has gotten bigger and bigger. Would my car insurace pay to fix it now? I have AAA car insurance.

"Car insurance, do you have to be insured to drive another person car?"

My boyfriend sister wants to borrow my car for 6 weeks and there is no insurance on it. But if I was to insure it for myself, would his sister be able to insure but she has no insurance on any car. Does she have to be insured on another car for her to use mine. Hope that makes sense."

What is an affordable insurance for my child?

Im looking for an affordable insurance company for my daughter that has decent copays and covers dental, eye, meds etc. Ive been looking online but cant seem to find what im looking for. If anyone has any experience or suggestions your help is appreciated. Thank you!"

Car mod insurances?

does a body kit cost alot on your insurances.if you no what percentage it increces. thanks

Teenage insurance?

Id there any way how you can avoid paying for teen insurance? (Because the family insurer usually raises price as soon as the teen in the family gets license) If not, how to get cheap insurance?"

I double paid home insurance?

I just found out that I paid my homeowners insurance seperate and my morgage is paying for it as well. Its been 2 years....should I ask for a refund or what?

Car insurance?

what happens if you have liability car insurance and a guy that smashes your car hits you and he doesnt have any insurance? are you covered or are you screw ed?

"How much a month will insurance be on a 2003 Nissan 350z with a 19 year old driver, (2 yrs exp)?"

How much a month will insurance be on a 2003 Nissan 350z with a 19 year old driver, (2 yrs exp)?"

Is Geico auto insurance liability only?

Is Geico auto insurance only liabilty coverage or do they have full coverage also?

Mustang GT Insurance? Buy or no buy? HELP?

Hey, I've been driving for almost 2 years now, I have a MG ZR at the moment but want to upgrade it in the next year or two. Been looking at the 1996 Mustang GT, Im from the UK and all these seem to be right hand drive? Is this a big issue when driving in the UK? will this effect my insurance? What sort of insurance rates would i be looking at? Anyone got any other car ideas that are similar to the ford Mustang GT, I have a real fondess for american muscle, a lot of people will probably disagree with me but i think it's because there not vastly seen here in the UK."

Why would i be refused car insurance?

have fleet insurance that covers any driver over the age of 25. I had an accident 6 months ago which i know wasn't my fault but unfortunately i wasn't insured at the time as the payments had been cancelled. The other party is trying to claim from my insurance company, is this allowed as i was uninsured and secondly the insurance company are now refusing to insure me, anyone else but not myself, is this allowed?"

Question about pitbull insurance in VA?

How much is insurance for a pitbull in Virginia?

Get medical insurance or pay out of pocket ???

currently live in Southern California and work part-time with no medical coverage. I was recently accepted to NYU College of Dentistry and will be moving there in July. Before that though, I need to get physical & immunizations. I will definitely get medical insurance once I move out there, but my concern is before that time. Things I need for sure: Physical, TB skin test, Hep. B, and Meningitis immunizations. My question is: Should I purchase a short-term insurance coverage to get the necessary physical/immuzations done or should I just do it out-of-pocket. Also, if it is worth getting insurance for this period, would you guys please recommend couple of plans for me. ( I am 24, Male, non-smoker). THnaks in advance."

First they cancel my insurance. Is it true that I'm now hearing 70% of Cali doctors will boycott Obamacare?

I have to sign up for Obamacare because I'm self employed and was on an insufficient individual plan. So I'm resigned to the fact I need to sign up for Covered California(Obamacare), but now I'm hearing the California Medical Association says 70% of physicians say they will boycott my Covered California policy if I get one, since I don't have employer insurance and am in the Obamacare network. Basically I'm screwed everywhere I turn now. Can 70% of physicians really thumb their noses at the government? Can they afford to?"

How to find best Insurance Companies?

Many years try to find good insurance companies but not found any best companie, please some one help me."

Using student insurance?

Does student insurance in Canada or USA pay for insulin pen?

"Can't afford car payments, car insurance?"

I can no longer afford to make my car payments and car insurance. I was using those checks that you get from credit cards. Now I am in serious credit card debt. It's too late now to try and sell the car because I have missed my 8/15 car payment. I haven't called the bank yet to tell them my situation. Is it a big hassle when I go to call? I still owe $8,000 on it. I wanted to get some advice before I call."

Get a 50cc moped help please!!?

m turning 16 next month and have been saving to get a moped.    I just need some more info on them first, such as how much will tax mot and insurance cost? What do i need to legally drive it on the road? Where can i NOT drive?    Also if anyone knows where i can get a cheap moped or scooter from in the essex area second hand is fine.     Im a soon to be 16yr girl in the essex area if that helps. Thanks

BEST ANSWER:  Try this site where you can compare quotes: INSUREFOREVERYBODY.INFO

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